Poem Published in Decanto Poetry Magazine, November 2013 

Three Poems Published - Message in A Bottle Poetry Magazine - Spring Edition.

Jeff Bell's Poem "Bang Bang Bang" Published in the London Grip Online Cultural Magazine, Summer Edition 2013.
                            Funny Talking Town" Poem Published On Panic Poetry Site, 20th Jan 2014.
                           Homeless Portrait Poem Published on Art Fist Poetry Site - 25th April 2013.
                                    Three Poems Published in Decanto Poetry Magazine, Issue 67, Feb 2014.        
                                Funny Talking Town, Screech Owl Poetry Site, Feb 5th, 2014.    
                                     Poem Published In The Crazy OIk Magazine, Issue 18 - Summer 2013

                                        Poems On Penniless Press Poetry Site


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